Our Services

For Investors/Borrowers

  • Assistance in evaluation of feasibility of investments;
  • Assessment of financial requirements of a company/project;
  • Determination of the debt capacity of a company/project and potential of its maximization;
  • Preparation of a integrated financial model of the project/company, simulation of effects of changes in macro- and microeconomic assumptions on the profitability and debt sustainability;
  • Calculation of key sector-specific financial ratios;
  • Optimization of the financial structure, including a debt layering;
  • Provision of information on policies of major European export credit agencies;
  • Participation in negotiations, if required, with suppliers of equipment/technology, export credit agencies, commercial banks, international financial institutions, external investors;
  • Facilitate preparation of an information memorandum and other documents required by lenders/investors.

For Suppliers of Capital Goods

  • Assessment of financial standing of potential buyers, evaluation of their debt capacity on stand-alone basis or with the support of local banks and other institutions;
  • Analysis of eligibility of importers to the ECA-covered financing;
  • Assisting exporters in preparation of a respective ECA application for the supplier loan, including support of importers in preparation and furnishing of the requested information package;
  • Advising on the adjustment of export-import contracts to incorporate financing options;
  • Utilization of extensive network in regional banking community to finance/re-finance export contracts (including supplier loans).

Strategic Financial Advice

Provision of support to our clients in adjustment and implementation of their strategy through:

  • Identification of potential local and international partners through our extensive regional networks;
  • Thorough analysis of financial statements and suggesting steps to optimize balance sheet structure and value maximization;
  • Preparation of quantitative framework for the analysis of business profitability and debt sustainability, i.a.:
    • Cash-flow modelling;
    • Adjustment of capital structure;
    • Optimization of cost structure;
    • Scenario and sensitivity analysis